Thursday, August 18, 2016

You Can't Stop This Train

 I hope everyone is doing well. We are coming along great on recording and producing my debut album. Thank you so much to all of the people who have supported me so far on this journey, especially my producers Grady and Gary, Thrive Church of Cordele and its' congregation, and FUMC of Cordele and its' congregation. We are still working hard in the studio and in song writer sessions to finish what we have started and we are still on the excited train. My song "Jesus In America" has been a hit so far and it talks about how great this country used to be and what it has become due to greed, hate, and selfishness. Then it goes on to say what this country and its' people really need is one thing and I bet you can figure that out based on the song title! - John Emanuel
Even though this project is going really well and we are accomplishing some monumental things, we need all of the help and support we can get, so if you haven't donated or if you have but you can help some more then click the donate button located on this blog below. If you don't see the donate button below and you're on a desktop computer you can go over on the right of the screen where Featured Posts is located and click on the post "CD Fundraiser" and a donate button is available. If you view this post on a mobile device then you can swipe left and go back to older post and stop once you get to the post "Fired Up" or all the way to the post "CD Fundraiser" with the donate button available. By donating to this project your name will be recognized and associated with John Emanuel's mission to not only become a part of the music industry on a higher level than he already is, but to help him also make a difference in the music that already exist by giving him the chance to write more honest and real music that could change the world! There are Jesus In America T-shirts available too and you can purchase one on this blog under the post "Jesus In America T-Shirt!"

Here are some pictures of what is going on!

Grady Shuman laying down some acoustic guitar tracks in the studio

John Emanuel in the studio saying, "if there's no selfie did it really happen?"


                           T shirts

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Tri Chord Breaking News

Image result for pics of a radio

Tri Chord Music Group Breaking News

John's first single makes it to radio !!!!!

We are beyond stoked!

Jesus In America Hits Radio TO Night!!!!!!!!!

John will be doing his very first radio interview

Tune in to 92.9 at 730

It's a wrap!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jesus In America T- Shirts

Pre order your shirts today!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fired Up!!!!!!!!!

We are fired up!!!!!! Today we begin tracking on John Emanuel's project. We're just coming off of a concert in Cordele Georgia where he rocked the house!! There is no doubt his first single is going to wake America up! His ministry is going to open some hearts up to a new freedom in Jesus Christ. Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!

To support John's ministry click on the donate button below.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Cordele pics

Here are some pics from last nights concert in Cordele. John brought it home with Kristin opening the door!!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Look Inside the John Emanuel TV Interview

What a great opportunity it was to do my first TV appearance as John Emanuel. Below is a little snap shot from the interview, featured beside me is my producer/manager Grady Shuman co-owner of Tri-chord Music Group. The interview goes on to talk about the music industry and the opportunity that God, Grady,Gary,The Church(Thrive and FUMC), my friends, and family have blessed me with. Thanks everyone.

John Emanuel

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

WSST TV Interview

John did his first TV interview we had a blast! The host was off the chain. This guy was a real pro. He wants John back to debut his upcoming project as well as to perform. We will have a copy of the interview within the next few days. As they say in TV land, "stay Tuned"!

Come out and join us on the 26th at 6!